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Writing is my passion. Welcome to my life!

I love writing and want to share (nearly) all my experiences with whoever wants to read about them.  Ill try and explain everything, offer advice and keep you interested in whats coming next.  Feedback and comments (constructive)  is always appreciated.

So who am I?

As you will have guessed from the domain name, my name is Mark Hannigan.  I was born in Oxford in the late 70’s and grew up on the Oxfordshire/Berkshire border.  Fast forward many years after a very happy childhood thanks to some great parents,  I now live in Rotherham with my amazing wife Sam,  Daughter Lucy, and our Dog Bella.  My older daughter,  Amy lives on her own now.

Sam and I are fortunate to have a great family which you will read a lot more about on this site.

My hobbies include,  Golf,  watching Rotherham United, Cars and since the turn of 2017 healthy living.  Getting health is a big part of my life for 2017 and you can read how I am doing in the Changing My Life section of this website.

I  love spending time with my Wife and kids,  socialising with Friends and creating new memories everyday!

I also enjoy business.  Under the my Professional life section you will read about what I get up to at work and what I achieve.  I’ll leave it to you to work out what I do for a living.

You will read so much about my hobbies and my life on this site and be able to see them too as one of my other passions is Video!  Subscribe to my You Tube Channel and watch what we get upto as well.

I hope you enjoy the site and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram. Links are in the footer below!



This website is dedicated to my family and specifically my amazing wife Sam.  Without her I am nothing.  She is my rock,  my best friend and soul mate.
Love you babe x